Friday, February 14, 2014

11 Weeks

I am 11 weeks today!

Yesterday day was our 2nd OB appointment. It went great. They weighed and measured me. Doctor said I was measuring right at 11 weeks. We got to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler, it was 180! He said that around this time of pregnancy babies' hearts will beat faster. Everyone keeps telling me this means a girl. Ya know ''if it is over 140 it's a girl and under 140 a boy". However this is what comes up with a quick Google search on heartbeat gender prediction:

This has actually been a pretty popular theory in gender prediction for a long time.
The heart rate of your baby fluctuates as they grow and as they move. Fetal heart rates start out slower, and then by 8-10 weeks run in the range of 170-200 BPM (beats per minute).
As your approach mid-pregnancy the average heart rates run between 120 - 160 BPM.
If your baby moves, his or her heart rate goes up, just as your heart rate does with movement. However, none of these is related to the gender of your baby. A study was actually done to test this theory. The study actually shows that there is no correlation between gender and fetal heart rate.

So heartbeat theory, pencil test and any other wives tale I have heard still leaves me with no real feeling as to gender. I am really not leaning one way or the other in my thinking (like others are). :) We will have our 20 ultrasound middle of April and find out! I have thrown the idea of not finding out the gender around in my head in the past but when I mentioned that to Ryan he said no way! He wants to know. That is fine with me. If he didn't want to know I would probably be fine with that too. Either way we will be so tickled. I used to always picture us with boys but now I can see us with either.

My nausea seems to be getting a little better this week. I still have moments each day when I feel horrible but the time in between these moments seems to be getting better. I am thankful for that! Certain smells make me sick in an instant. I have no cravings but several food aversions. I am getting close to the 2nd trimester. Many people have told me that I will feel amazing then. I am praying so! I am looking forward to being past 12 weeks, as my doctor called it the danger zone. I am also looking forward to March 7th, my last day of shots and medication!