Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Baby!

Sorry this post is late. I actually had my ultrasound appointment on Monday.

All along I thought there was one but the week before my ultrasound I slowly started believing everyone around me saying they thought there were two. I could tell as soon as the tech started there was one. Then she said "there's your baby". We were just as excited as we would have been if there were two. We were not disappointed. How could we be? We know that it is a MIRACLE that we are pregnant with one and are just so thankful that we have a growing baby!

Best part: WE GOT TO HEAR THE HEARTBEAT!! 149 beats per minute! It was amazing. I wish I could hear that sound everyday!
The first thing Ryan said when we left the clinic "yes we don't have to get a minivan". I wonder what he would have said if there were two. I am certain something along the lines of "watch out Viola two Walker kids are headed to town." He's always got something goofy to say. Just one of the many things that will make him a great dad! :)
I will be 8 weeks tomorrow! It's hard to believe that I am 2 months pregnant. The nausea has really sit in. I am not throwing up. I just feel gross off and on all day without ever really feeling good. It seems to be worse at night. Sometimes I wish I could throw up. Some little things that have helped (& some that only did for a while): salt & vinegar chips, lemon drops, sea bands, pickles and pickle juice (healthy I know). Ask I type my husband is picking up Preggie Pop drops at the pharmacy. I am hoping those are great! I am also hoping like everyone keeps telling me after I hit 12 weeks this will go away. But if not I will make it!
Hopefully I will get better at posting again after I start feeling better!!
Here's a video my sister took with her phone. It's not a very good video but if you listen you can make out the heartbeat.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our very first OB appointment..... 2.5 years in the waiting!

Yesterday was our very first OB appointment ever! We were very excited, we had been waiting for this day for a long time!

After talking to as many people as I possibly could get advice from we chose Dr. Robinson at Regional Family Medicine in Mountain Home. I had heard lots of good things about how nice he was and he delivered my niece, Harley, in August. I didn't get to meet him at the hospital that day but my other sister, Kolette, did and both sisters ensured me that I would like him. They were right!! He was definitely the right choice for us!

We went back to the exam room and the nurse entered all my info into the computer and had me give a urine sample. Dr. R came in and I instantly felt comfortable with him. I could tell he was a man that loved his job (and not burnt out or stiff like so many doctors are). He went over the basics of what to do and not to do and talked to me about my history. I asked a few questions. Just the routine stuff. Then I told him we were really hoping we could get an ultrasound today. He said sure we could do that. I told him we were so curious to see if there was one or two babies. He looked a little shocked and said "oh they put two in? Ya, let's go take a look." {yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!}

The ultrasound tech had already gone home for the day but he said he could do it. I laid down on the bed. There were two screens in the room, one for the ultrasound machine and another one on the wall for the patient to see. Ryan and Kolette stood under that screen. Ryan had a look on his face that was so sweet, nervousness and excitement in one. {I love him}. As he started he said "There's your bladder and it looks pretty empty." He asked if I was asked to give a urine sample and told him that nurse had taken one. He explained he may not be able to see anything since my bladder was too empty. He scanned around and then said "Well I think that is a septum." My heart jumped in my throat a bit, thinking that didn't sound good. Then he said something like "or the area separating the two sacs." as he moved the wand off my stomach. He said that he just wasn't able to tell for sure. WHAT?!?!  But then he came through with a great idea, how about he give me some water and come back in a little bit and try again? I was sooooo excited and kinda shocked he would go to that trouble for me!

We went back out to the phlebotomy waiting area and I drank a bottle of water while I waited for the phlebotomist. We started talking and I mentioned something to Kolette about two sacs. Ryan said "What?! Two sacs?" He hadn't heard the doctor say he thought there were two sacs. The look on his face: shocked excitement. I told him not to give me that look because this entire time all he has said is that he wouldn't be shocked to see two on the screen. But I could tell it really excited him.

I had my blood drawn (which took probably about 15 mins and 3 pokes). Then Dr. R took me back in the room. I was so excited, thinking this is it, I am gonna see my baby(ies)!!! But no my bladder was still too empty!! He told me to schedule an appointment with the tech in 2 weeks. I think he could tell I was a little bummed and laughed and said that there was nothing from stopping me coming in next week if I wanted to. He told me to also schedule a 4 week out appointment with him. He walked us out of the ultrasound room and there wasn't a single employee around besides maybe the girl who had just drew my blood. We were the only car in the parking lot. He had went out of his way to try and show us our baby(ies). That made me so happy. I knew without a doubt that we had made the right choice!!

So again we wait a little while longer!!! I am trying hard not to completely read into what Dr. R said and convince myself there are two. :) And I am probably going to take what he said about next week literally!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Appointment Change

I know it sounds crazy but I already changed doctors before even seeing the first one. I canceled my Friday appt because I decided to go with a different doctor. Therefore, the first appt is now scheduled for Monday the 13th at 4:20. I am still super excited!!! What's a few more days when I have been waiting for this appointment for over 2 1/2 years!

I am 5 weeks and 4 days today. I am still feeling fine. The dizzy spells are gone. No more symptoms so far. Well..... other than hormonal flare ups (my poor husband).

It still doesn't seem quite real to me. I am hoping after I actually see something on the ultrasound screen it will. I am still a bit nervous and cautious. But I don't expect those feelings to go away anytime soon.