Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Baby!

Sorry this post is late. I actually had my ultrasound appointment on Monday.

All along I thought there was one but the week before my ultrasound I slowly started believing everyone around me saying they thought there were two. I could tell as soon as the tech started there was one. Then she said "there's your baby". We were just as excited as we would have been if there were two. We were not disappointed. How could we be? We know that it is a MIRACLE that we are pregnant with one and are just so thankful that we have a growing baby!

Best part: WE GOT TO HEAR THE HEARTBEAT!! 149 beats per minute! It was amazing. I wish I could hear that sound everyday!
The first thing Ryan said when we left the clinic "yes we don't have to get a minivan". I wonder what he would have said if there were two. I am certain something along the lines of "watch out Viola two Walker kids are headed to town." He's always got something goofy to say. Just one of the many things that will make him a great dad! :)
I will be 8 weeks tomorrow! It's hard to believe that I am 2 months pregnant. The nausea has really sit in. I am not throwing up. I just feel gross off and on all day without ever really feeling good. It seems to be worse at night. Sometimes I wish I could throw up. Some little things that have helped (& some that only did for a while): salt & vinegar chips, lemon drops, sea bands, pickles and pickle juice (healthy I know). Ask I type my husband is picking up Preggie Pop drops at the pharmacy. I am hoping those are great! I am also hoping like everyone keeps telling me after I hit 12 weeks this will go away. But if not I will make it!
Hopefully I will get better at posting again after I start feeling better!!
Here's a video my sister took with her phone. It's not a very good video but if you listen you can make out the heartbeat.