Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1st appointment with OB!!

I scheduled my first OB appt today!! It is next Friday the 10th!!! I will have an ultrasound first and then meet with the nurse practitioner. I wish it was with the actual doctor but I will see her next time. So in 10 days we should know if there is one baby or two babies!!! I am so excited!!!

The only symptoms I am having so far is dizziness. It comes and goes and isn't really bad.

Monday, December 30, 2013

I am pregnant!

Sorry about not posting Friday or over the weekend. We were really busy. Ryan's mom came in for Christmas. Also I wanted to wait until I got my 2nd BETA results to make an official post.

Friday's BETA: 172
Today's BETA: 603


We are soooooo soooooo thankful, excited, nervous and a million other emotions!!

We thank God for this opportunity, miracle and blessing!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I didn't realize until today that my post from Monday never finished posting! Whoops! No wonder everyone kept asking! I posted it anyway. Sorry about that! 

Since the transfer I have been really calm. I am not obsessing and just trying to remain relaxed. A week from tomorrow we will know if this is our time. We are still so excited. I feel like I always do except with sore buttocks. Ha. The shots aren't that bad, it's the bruising and knots they leave that suck. 

I wonder what those embryos look like now. Hopefully they are hatching out of their shells and finding the perfect spot to implant. :) 

Pregnant with two babies!!

Everything went okay today other than the doctor being two hours behind. I was scheduled for 12:15 but it was after 2:15 before I went back. So needless to say I didn't know how I was gonna hold my bladder for over 7 hours and ending up holding it for over 9 hours!!

Dr. DeRosa came in the room and said "We got two great 8 celled embryos we will transfer today and that will leave you with 5 more and one blastocyst. Pretty damn good." 

After getting back to the operating he began to tell me that my uterus tilts way back and that normally he doesn't use an ultrasound to guide the catheter but would with me. The embryologist loaded the two babies into the catheter. We could see the catheter enter my uterus on the ultrasound screen. The first time he inserted it it didn't bend with the uterus like he wanted. He took it back out curved the catheter and tried again. Still not perfect and told me I may have to empty my bladder a little but would try one more time. He bent it a little more and tried again. Luckily 3rd time was the charm and he said he got it right where he wanted it. 

I looked over at Ryan once. I think he was in shock about the entire procedure. Dr. DeRosa said that he really thought this would work out. He said I am 30 and have two great embryos. He said I would test in 11 days and started figuring how many days it was until Christmas out loud, 9 days. He started to say I could try testing on Christmas Day with an at home test but I interrupted him and told him I am not going too. He said that was good because it could still be a false negative that early.

Now I am just laying around trying to rest.
So excited to say these two babies are now hanging with their mom and dad! And we love them already! Please stay babies! We promise to spoil you rotten and be the best parents we can be!!

This is your daddy, he is the sweetest, most upbeat guy I know. He will take great care of you and always try his hardest to cheer you up when you are down and make you laugh when you are sad, scared or have a booboo. You just gotta get here so we can love on you forever! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Monday 12:15!!

It's scheduled for 12:15!!! I have to report at 10:15. No food or drink after midnight, no urination after 5:00 a.m. That part is gonna be rough. They will thaw the best two embryos that morning. We are so excited and getting more excited every minute! 

Ryan did excellent at my first PIO shot! I was so proud of him! I hardly felt a thing. I didn't even feel the medicine going in. I hope it is like that every time! I am a little bruised but I figure I better get used to that!! 

Keep up the prayers!! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This is December 11th's reading from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.
I know God is working on our dreams and I know His plan is perfect, more than we could ever imagine.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Results from Monday are normal

My results from Monday are good! She said my lining was nice and thick like it should be. It measured at 12 mm. My Estradiol was 733, they want it to be over 250. So now we wait! This week has been and will continue to fly by and before I know it I will be up at St. Louis waiting at St. Luke's. Waiting to be given a picture of two of my babies that will leave with momma and daddy. Waiting to see Dr. Silber. Waiting to watch my babies on the ultrasound screen.

I am still doing good to remain calm. And still working on the staying positive. Ryan and I are finally allowing ourselves to daydream together about the future. It has been a long time since we have done that. Since April it has only been this is what we got to do today and this is what is coming and no talk of if and when. We talked about cleaning out the spare room, we argued over whether or not I would be getting a minivan if I had twins, we talked about baby names again. It has been nice. I kinda forgot what it was like to daydream.

I am going to the chiropractor after work for an adjustment. I wanted to make sure everything was in line especially my hips. I want everything as perfect as possible and need all nerves that have anything to do with my uterus to be firing properly. Tomorrow night is our injection training. (So looking forward to that. Ha.) Thursday night a friend is having a work Christmas party at her house. And then Friday I will be off to St. Louis with Kolette. I am hoping we can squeeze the rest of our Christmas shopping in that day. I will have to be back by 8:30 for Ryan to do my very first progesterone shot. Hopefully I will get to do something fun Saturday to stay busy. I would love to go see the new Hunger Games movie. Sunday after church we will head up to St. Louis and be hours away from the moment we have been waiting so long for.

I will know Friday what time my transfer is scheduled for on Monday and my instructions.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING AND PRAYING! Your support means the world to me!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh Estrogen you aren't a friend of mine...

Well everything is still chugging along..

I started my Estrogen supplement on Friday. Two pills in the morning, two in the evening and 3 lovely patches on my abdomen that I change out for new ones every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Up until yesterday I have had two bad hormone headaches a day from it, one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday I only had the afternoon headache and today so far I haven't had one. I am hoping my body is adapting to it and I eventually won't have them.

I have been counting down the days! I have a calendar on my fridge and I mark a day off each night after my Lupron injection. 12 more days!!! People keep asking (or I can tell those that don't want to) how I am doing. I know they mean emotionally. I am surprisingly good! I have been calm, not stressed and been upbeat about what is to come. Now this all very well may change next week. I am certain I will start stressing some and get nervous. I am actually looking forward to transfer day. I think it will be a happy emotional day for Ryan and I. Another experience to make our relationship grow even more. How could you not be happy and feel so in love with your spouse when you are having two of your babies placed inside your uterus and you get to watch it while holding his hand? I could cry just thinking about it. So ya I am pretty excited for that moment. I know there are things that could go wrong. My uterine lining may not cooperate and get nice and pretty like the doctor wants, there is no guarantee (although somewhat unlikely at our clinic) that we won't lose any embryos in the thawing process, or it come an ice storm that weekend or various other things. But I know not to focus on the what-ifs. 

I am participating in a Hope Christmas Card Exchange as a member of a private group on Facebook for us that are having trouble or have had trouble trying to conceive. I have been assigned 4 names and addresses of women to send Christmas cards. The purpose is to send words of encouragement during this holiday. You see if you have kids or have never struggled to have children you may not realize how hard the holidays are for those who are struggling and are lonely and don't have children in their home Christmas morning. So I am really excited about that and bought my cards last night! I am not sure how I will feel this Christmas morning. I hope I feel pregnant even if it means extreme morning sickness! Since Christmas is two days before my beta test I very well may be in a trance and just going through the motions. I just pray God gives us the best Christmas gift or gifts anyone could ever be lucky enough to receive.

Next week Ryan and my mom will do their training on how to administer my progesterone shot. So pray for them and steady hands! :) Also on Monday I will go to my local hospital for blood work and ultra sound. I am praying all levels are normal and that my uterus looks beautiful!