Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh Estrogen you aren't a friend of mine...

Well everything is still chugging along..

I started my Estrogen supplement on Friday. Two pills in the morning, two in the evening and 3 lovely patches on my abdomen that I change out for new ones every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Up until yesterday I have had two bad hormone headaches a day from it, one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday I only had the afternoon headache and today so far I haven't had one. I am hoping my body is adapting to it and I eventually won't have them.

I have been counting down the days! I have a calendar on my fridge and I mark a day off each night after my Lupron injection. 12 more days!!! People keep asking (or I can tell those that don't want to) how I am doing. I know they mean emotionally. I am surprisingly good! I have been calm, not stressed and been upbeat about what is to come. Now this all very well may change next week. I am certain I will start stressing some and get nervous. I am actually looking forward to transfer day. I think it will be a happy emotional day for Ryan and I. Another experience to make our relationship grow even more. How could you not be happy and feel so in love with your spouse when you are having two of your babies placed inside your uterus and you get to watch it while holding his hand? I could cry just thinking about it. So ya I am pretty excited for that moment. I know there are things that could go wrong. My uterine lining may not cooperate and get nice and pretty like the doctor wants, there is no guarantee (although somewhat unlikely at our clinic) that we won't lose any embryos in the thawing process, or it come an ice storm that weekend or various other things. But I know not to focus on the what-ifs. 

I am participating in a Hope Christmas Card Exchange as a member of a private group on Facebook for us that are having trouble or have had trouble trying to conceive. I have been assigned 4 names and addresses of women to send Christmas cards. The purpose is to send words of encouragement during this holiday. You see if you have kids or have never struggled to have children you may not realize how hard the holidays are for those who are struggling and are lonely and don't have children in their home Christmas morning. So I am really excited about that and bought my cards last night! I am not sure how I will feel this Christmas morning. I hope I feel pregnant even if it means extreme morning sickness! Since Christmas is two days before my beta test I very well may be in a trance and just going through the motions. I just pray God gives us the best Christmas gift or gifts anyone could ever be lucky enough to receive.

Next week Ryan and my mom will do their training on how to administer my progesterone shot. So pray for them and steady hands! :) Also on Monday I will go to my local hospital for blood work and ultra sound. I am praying all levels are normal and that my uterus looks beautiful!