Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Results from Monday are normal

My results from Monday are good! She said my lining was nice and thick like it should be. It measured at 12 mm. My Estradiol was 733, they want it to be over 250. So now we wait! This week has been and will continue to fly by and before I know it I will be up at St. Louis waiting at St. Luke's. Waiting to be given a picture of two of my babies that will leave with momma and daddy. Waiting to see Dr. Silber. Waiting to watch my babies on the ultrasound screen.

I am still doing good to remain calm. And still working on the staying positive. Ryan and I are finally allowing ourselves to daydream together about the future. It has been a long time since we have done that. Since April it has only been this is what we got to do today and this is what is coming and no talk of if and when. We talked about cleaning out the spare room, we argued over whether or not I would be getting a minivan if I had twins, we talked about baby names again. It has been nice. I kinda forgot what it was like to daydream.

I am going to the chiropractor after work for an adjustment. I wanted to make sure everything was in line especially my hips. I want everything as perfect as possible and need all nerves that have anything to do with my uterus to be firing properly. Tomorrow night is our injection training. (So looking forward to that. Ha.) Thursday night a friend is having a work Christmas party at her house. And then Friday I will be off to St. Louis with Kolette. I am hoping we can squeeze the rest of our Christmas shopping in that day. I will have to be back by 8:30 for Ryan to do my very first progesterone shot. Hopefully I will get to do something fun Saturday to stay busy. I would love to go see the new Hunger Games movie. Sunday after church we will head up to St. Louis and be hours away from the moment we have been waiting so long for.

I will know Friday what time my transfer is scheduled for on Monday and my instructions.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING AND PRAYING! Your support means the world to me!