Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pregnant with two babies!!

Everything went okay today other than the doctor being two hours behind. I was scheduled for 12:15 but it was after 2:15 before I went back. So needless to say I didn't know how I was gonna hold my bladder for over 7 hours and ending up holding it for over 9 hours!!

Dr. DeRosa came in the room and said "We got two great 8 celled embryos we will transfer today and that will leave you with 5 more and one blastocyst. Pretty damn good." 

After getting back to the operating he began to tell me that my uterus tilts way back and that normally he doesn't use an ultrasound to guide the catheter but would with me. The embryologist loaded the two babies into the catheter. We could see the catheter enter my uterus on the ultrasound screen. The first time he inserted it it didn't bend with the uterus like he wanted. He took it back out curved the catheter and tried again. Still not perfect and told me I may have to empty my bladder a little but would try one more time. He bent it a little more and tried again. Luckily 3rd time was the charm and he said he got it right where he wanted it. 

I looked over at Ryan once. I think he was in shock about the entire procedure. Dr. DeRosa said that he really thought this would work out. He said I am 30 and have two great embryos. He said I would test in 11 days and started figuring how many days it was until Christmas out loud, 9 days. He started to say I could try testing on Christmas Day with an at home test but I interrupted him and told him I am not going too. He said that was good because it could still be a false negative that early.

Now I am just laying around trying to rest.
So excited to say these two babies are now hanging with their mom and dad! And we love them already! Please stay babies! We promise to spoil you rotten and be the best parents we can be!!

This is your daddy, he is the sweetest, most upbeat guy I know. He will take great care of you and always try his hardest to cheer you up when you are down and make you laugh when you are sad, scared or have a booboo. You just gotta get here so we can love on you forever!