Friday, April 25, 2014

21 Weeks Looks Like....
How far: 21 weeks
Baby is: the length of a carrot, about 10 1/2 inches
Best moment of this week: Feeling her move and actually being convinced that's what it was. Her crib and mattress coming in the mail. Makes it more real!
Food cravings: None so far, which is probably a good thing
Aversions: Not as bad, thankfully! Still don't like certain smells, strong lotions and perfumes about kill me still
Looking forward to: Starting on the nursery this weekend!
I am so excited to be half way to seeing this baby's sweet face!!
Plans have been underway for her nursery! Tomorrow Ryan and I are going to attempt hanging bead board up on the walls in her room.  I have a paint colored picked out, Sherwin Williams Dewey. A good friend (that has awesome sewing skills) is making her bedding from fabrics we picked out. The crib and mattress are still in the boxes and will stay that way until we get the walls painted. I will be posting updates on the room along the way and a full nursery post when finished. All so exciting!

And YES we have being trying to decide on a name for this little gal! After finding out it was a girl we narrowed it down to two names that have been on my list for 3 years. One day I think it is gonna be one and the next day I think the other. Ryan is putting it on me to make the final decision, the problem is that I really like both of them. Hopefully I can make a decision before she gets here so we can put her name up on the wall and monogram stuff! But if I can't decide I will when she makes her grand arrival!
So as of now baby Walker is either gonna be: Nola Claire Walker or Birdie Claire Walker. I am thinking we will call her by her first and middle.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ultrasound and Gender Reveal!!!

Last Thursday I had my monthly doctor appointment and ultrasound at 18 weeks 6 days. My mom came with us and Ryan's mom came in from Nashville to be there too. We told the tech first thing that we didn't want to know the gender yet and for her to put it in an envelope for us. We had a cookout planned for Saturday at our house and had invited both our families for a gender reveal. So each time she needed a measurement close to the legs she told us to look away. Pretty sure Ryan and I wouldn't have been able to tell anyway. I wanted to peek so bad but didn't. Baby was not cooperating much at all! The tech kept saying "baby does not want to show it's face, baby has hands up around face" and when down around the legs "baby does not want to give me a good shot". Already a little stinker. She thought baby was sleeping. She had me empty my bladder half way (what is half way? ha) and had me turn side to side to try to get the baby in a better position. Pretty sure the only movement baby made was moving arms from front of face to back behind the head, like baby was stretching back. Maybe baby was asleep or maybe baby will be calm and cool like daddy! We sure hope so! We never got a good profile shot because of the way baby was laying but here are some of the ultrasound pictures.



Baby was measuring 3 days ahead at 19 weeks and 2 days. Heartbeat was 145. After the ultrasound we met with the doctor. My pelvic measurement was between 17 1/2 to 18 weeks. We chatted a little about upcoming things like the glucose test, talked about how we decided against all testing for genetic abnormalities and set up our next appointment. On the way home we met my sister and handed her the envelope with our baby's gender picture. Aunt Kolette was in charge of the gender reveal. Good thing she met us because I was so tempted to peek!
Saturday we cooked out and all our families came over. I think we had close to 30 people there. Even though the wind was trying to blow us away it was so nice having them all together. We had everyone right down their guesses.
Daddy's guess: Boy! (Momma's guess was boy too)

Total Tally: Boy - 18; Girl - 7
I wasn't nervous all day and didn't have too much time to think about the big reveal. Not until after everyone had ate and Kolette started carrying that box out!
Hearts were racing at this point:

Here we go.....

And IT'S A........


A GIRL!!!!!
So I guess I don't have a mother's intuition. In the beginning we kept thinking it would probably be a girl, just seems like we are surrounded by them so why wouldn't we have one too. Then I started getting a feeling it was a boy in the last 3 weeks or so. So Ryan started thinking it too, after all one surely is due to this family but nope another little precious girl!! I have to say we were a little in shock that night and next day but now it's like it's just meant to be! :)
Here's one of the pictures that was in the sealed envelope:
(We didn't much care for the ?)

She and her cousin due in 2 weeks will be joining these two little squirts (Harley driving and Layla the dog lover) very soon!! They will all grow up together! Oh my, the adventures ahead are endless! I don't have a picture of her bigger cousin Kenzie at the party because she and the other bigger kids were running all over the place.
Ryan's mom bought these little cowboy boots (and a boy pair too) so baby girl can be like her daddy!
We are so excited for what the future holds!!
This little girl is so loved already. We thank God for the opportunity to be her momma and daddy! It truly was a special, special day that we have dreamt and prayed for!
{Aunt Sylvia did a great job capturing our special moment; Aunt Kolette did a great job on the box; there were videos too but I can't figure out how to post a video from my phone}