Friday, April 25, 2014

21 Weeks Looks Like....
How far: 21 weeks
Baby is: the length of a carrot, about 10 1/2 inches
Best moment of this week: Feeling her move and actually being convinced that's what it was. Her crib and mattress coming in the mail. Makes it more real!
Food cravings: None so far, which is probably a good thing
Aversions: Not as bad, thankfully! Still don't like certain smells, strong lotions and perfumes about kill me still
Looking forward to: Starting on the nursery this weekend!
I am so excited to be half way to seeing this baby's sweet face!!
Plans have been underway for her nursery! Tomorrow Ryan and I are going to attempt hanging bead board up on the walls in her room.  I have a paint colored picked out, Sherwin Williams Dewey. A good friend (that has awesome sewing skills) is making her bedding from fabrics we picked out. The crib and mattress are still in the boxes and will stay that way until we get the walls painted. I will be posting updates on the room along the way and a full nursery post when finished. All so exciting!

And YES we have being trying to decide on a name for this little gal! After finding out it was a girl we narrowed it down to two names that have been on my list for 3 years. One day I think it is gonna be one and the next day I think the other. Ryan is putting it on me to make the final decision, the problem is that I really like both of them. Hopefully I can make a decision before she gets here so we can put her name up on the wall and monogram stuff! But if I can't decide I will when she makes her grand arrival!
So as of now baby Walker is either gonna be: Nola Claire Walker or Birdie Claire Walker. I am thinking we will call her by her first and middle.