Friday, June 13, 2014

28 Weeks and One Year Ago...

28 Weeks Looks Like....
Petie thought he needed to be in this one with his momma :)
Baby is: approximately 2 1/4 lbs, 14 3/4 inches long head to heel (according to apps)
Baby can: blink her eyes, has eyelashes, may be able to see light through the womb
I passed my 3 hour glucose test!! It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. The time went by fairly fast. Ryan went with me. I love him for that. I didn't even ask him. When I told him I failed the first one he just said, "Well when do we go back?" He is amazing, Birdie and I are lucky, lucky girsl! However, by the time we sat down to eat I broke out in a full body sweat and my hands were shaking so bad. I am so thankful I passed and that that is behind us! Birdie can still have her sweets, yay!
Yesterday when I opened the mail I had a bill from my doctor's office. It was for embryo storage. For a second I thought they sure were sending that early but then I realized it HAD been a year since our first retrieval and freeze! That just almost doesn't seem possible. A year from tomorrow we had our first retrieval. When I think back on that week I tear up. It was such a happy and scary time for us. We were so nervous but yet so excited to be one step closer. My retrieval was on a Friday and I was so anxious all that weekend. Then Monday afternoon when we got the call. We were happier than we had been in almost 2 years! We had four babies! Makes me cry and gives me goose bumps. I am so thankful for those four babies and the four that came from September's retrieval. We were so lucky and blessed during the IVF process. I am so thankful for all of it: the happy, sad and hard times, the baby that is growing, the babies waiting on us, the baby with Jesus, the way Ryan and I have become closer and the bond that has resulted, the friendships I have made that I wouldn't have, the support system we have, and the way He has used it all to shape us into the parents He wants us to be.
Another something from the room, a DIY ribbon mobile made from new and old ribbon and lace:


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Catch Up!

It's been a while since my last post. I haven't done a very good job at documenting pregnancy like I figured I would. So I am making a catch up post.

We chose a name! She is Birdie Claire Walker!

I first felt her move on April 21st and daddy felt her on April 24th. Two of the best days of this pregnancy! She moves a lot now. At first it seemed she really had a pattern of kicking and dancing, usually around 8:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the afternoon and right at bedtime but now it is still those times plus many more times during the day. Even after feeling movement, it still seems a little unreal that a baby is growing in my belly.

Mother's Day was a good day. Last year at Mother's Day I had so many emotions, I was thinking about the baby we lost and how far along in that pregnancy I would have been, about my sister being able to celebrate the growing baby in her belly, about our upcoming IVF plans.... This year I thought about both our babies, the one still growing and the one with Jesus. I cried tears of sadness when I thought about how big he or she may be now and how fun it would be to see our baby with our niece Harley (due about a month apart). I cried tears of joy knowing that baby was safe and happy and where God intended it to be. I cried and thanked God for the baby that is here and growing still. But mostly I thought about all the wonderful people out there still waiting for God to unfold His plan to grow their families and I cried for and prayed for them. I thought about all the blog gals I follow, the ones who have experienced losses in the last year, the ones who are now expecting, the ones who are still fighting to achieve their first pregnancy, the ones who have moved on to another step (different doctors, embryo adoptions, starting the adoption process) and I prayed that they would have a good day.

Ryan surprised me with a gift that day. I have wanted a windmill for my yard for a long time and he finally got me one! We put it together after church that Sunday.

23 weeks, 2 days on Mother's Day
A few weeks ago was our 5 year anniversary! We celebrated our anniversary the way we do every year, a Cardinal's game! It was Birdie's first trip back to St. Louis, the first of many for our future Cardinal fan. I can't wait to see her in red sitting on her daddy's lap at the games! And her first game was a win!
24 weeks, 1 day

Her room has been a work in progress for the last month: bead board and trim installed and painted, my friend Dawnesea sewed all her crib bedding (crib skirt, sheet, quilt, pillows, and changing pad cover, she's also making a poof and adding some ruffles on curtains for me! Birdie's so lucky to have her as a buddy), a new light fixture went up, crib got put together, the glider came in, and a new closet system was installed to maximize space.
Here's a couple of sneak peek pictures:
I love how the bead board turned out (no we didn't do that part ourselves), the wall color is Sherwin Williams Dewey
The first thing hung in her closet had to be the very first baby item I bought 3 summers ago, her first Cardinal shirt :)
I love her bed and bedding. This phone picture doesn't do it justice.
Other pregnancy related happenings....
I've started experiencing big feet and ankles! My feet and ankles started swelling up 2 weeks ago. I was worried that it was too early for me to start swelling but the doctor says it is normal as long as I didn't have other side effects with it and I don't. I decided to go back to the chiropractor and get adjusted and that helped a lot. The swelling comes and goes, however I am pretty sure my feet have grew a 1/2 or whole size. Most of my shoes are too tight to wear. I tried on several sandals this weekend and no luck, they are too tight on the top of my feet. So it is probably going to be a summer of flip flops everyday. 
I can tell my hormones have changed, everything makes me cry, happy stuff and sad stuff, tv and songs, pretty much anything! I have never been much of a crier until now. Saturday I heard the song "I Loved Her First" and started crying immediately and that turned into a long sobbing boohoo! At the end of the song there is a line "someday you might know what I'm going through, when a miracle smiles up at you". Ahhh, I can't wait to see our miracle smiling up at her daddy and watch him fall in love that second. I am crying typing this.  
My last doctor appointment was last Thursday, it was also my glucose and anemia screening. The doctor appointment went fine, he said everything is going as expected. A friend that works at the clinic got the ultrasound tech to do a quick scan for us before we left. I was so excited. I thought surely we will get a good profile shot this time and a between the legs shot that didn't have a ? beside girl. Nope! She was laying in the same position as last time. She likes those hands over her face. I still couldn't make out any features on the screen except seeing her arm and mouth move. Also she had her legs closer together than last time, so the tech couldn't see anything in that area! Ha, stinker. Friday I got the call that I was borderline anemic and needed to start iron supplements and that I had failed my glucose screening by 3 points. I was afraid of that. I cried the entire drive home then I sucked it up and remembered how lucky I still am. So now I have to take the 3 hour test where you drink the gross koolaid 3 times and they draw your blood 3 times and you don't get to eat from bed to lunch the next day (that's the part I am dreading, no food!). I go Friday for it and I pray I pass it this time. Lots of women fail the first and pass the second one. If I fail it that will be ok too, I will sacrifice sweets and whatever else I have to!
I think that about catches me up. I am 26 weeks 4 days today. 2/3 of the way!!