Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Years of Wedded Bliss!

Today is our 4th Anniversary! I feel so blessed! God blessed me so much when he put Ryan in my life! Those of you who really know him know that I am not just going on about him because it's our anniversary and I am feeling mushy or something. Ha. He is a great person, friend, son, husband and teacher! I know without a shadow of doubt, with every cell in my body that he will be one of those AMAZING fathers too! And I am so very proud to be his wife!

He did really good!! This is the first time he has ever bought Jadeite for me. I have been collecting for a while now. I have always wanted one of these milk pitchers. They are one of the more rare objects in the collection. He told me he had told one of the teachers he is close to at school that I collect Jadeite a while back. She said her mom had some that she may want to sell. Mrs. K said that her mom was almost in tears when she let it go. But Mrs. K told her that it should go to someone who collects, that I would appreciate it more than any of them. She told her we would have it for 50 years because we were young! I sure hope so! It will be taken extra care of!

And some pics from the best day of my life (so far)...