Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blood Test

Well my friend called with my results Friday night. My level of HCG was less than 1. She said more than likely I am not pregnant. She said that I could go ahead and go for Sunday's test but I didn't have to if I didn't want to. I've been thinking about it and reading online some. It's still Sunday morning but I don't think I am gonna go in. Plus I might as well save that money for the IVF pot. I am still going to take my progesterone (just in case) and do a urine test next Friday. Although I would say my faith that it would be positive is about the same as my test results (less than one percent).

Kolette, my twin sister and best friend in the world, and I took a spur of the moment shopping trip to Jonesboro yesterday. I woke up and decided I couldn't spend all day inside. Since it was cold and dreary out I wouldn't be able to work outside. Working outside and getting my hands dirty is the best stress reliever for me. But since that would require bundling up in a ton of clothes, I opted for another great option: RETAIL THERAPY!

We had a great day and laughed a ton. Just what I needed! I am so thankful to have her in my life. She is always there for me and up for whatever crazy ideas pop in my head. We didn't spend too much and ended up buying more things for other people than we did ourselves, which always makes you feel better. I did find some Toms ballet flats on sale for $18.00! I was so excited. We bought our other sister, Rayleen, and our mom some stuff too. I bought Ryan a silly hat at Spencer's. I really didn't want to but Kolette insisted and I knew he would love it. But it is a river only hat! We ended the day by gorging ourselves at Olive Garden.

Now it's off to get ready for church!! Guaranteed to make me feel better about and trust in our journey and thankful for all our blessings!