Friday, March 22, 2013

Brief History and Blood Testing...

5/23/2012: 1st consult with OB after 12 mos of trying to conceive; blood test and semen analysis, all normal (also our 3 year anniversary!)

5/31/2012: HSG test, results normal; decide to see if we could be one of the lucky ones who get pregnant shortly after a HSG test

July & August 2012: both months took 50 mg Clomid

September 2012: no drugs, 1st consult with RE in Little Rock

October 2012: start 50 mg Clomid again

11/02/2012: 1st IUI; 200 mg progesterone after until time to test

11/15/2012: pm pregnancy test, faint positive! (shocked, excited, nervous, too good to be true?)

11/16/2012: am pregnancy test, a little darker positive!!

11/17/2012: am digital test, "pregnant" (in writing, yay!)

11/25/2012: m/c :(

12/11/2012: 2nd IUI, still 50 mg Clomid before, 200 mg progesterone after

1/12/2013: 3rd IUI, still 50 mg Clomid before, 200 mg progesterone after

2/15/2013: 4th IUI, 100 mg Clomid before, 200 mg progesterone after; then Estradiol, trigger shot on 2/13

3/15/2013: 5th IUI, took Letrozole this cycle days 5 - 9 due to thinned uterine lining; FSH injections days 10 - 12; OPK positive on night of day 12 and morning of day 13, progesterone after

And that leads us to where we are now! The wonderful 2 ww (week wait)!

Blood tests.... I have confided in a good friend, who happens to have gone through infertility herself and happens to be a nurse practitioner! We had our annual blood screening yesterday at work. I text her the night before asking if there would be anything in my results that could maybe point to pregnancy. She said nope. Dang. She went on to ask me if my RE would perform blood tests. I told her they didn't do that, instead I just wait two weeks from IUI and test. After talking back and forth about how the blood tests work, she gave me the option to come in for testing on days 7 and 9 (counting from the date of the IUI). Today is day 7! So I thought why not, if the results are a zero today (meaning more than likely not pregnant) I would know about a week sooner. Which will be heart breaking like any other negative, but at least I can stop wondering. So I go today after work and again on Sunday. I am not sure if I will know anything today or over the weekend, doubtful. But hopefully I will know something Monday!