Friday, June 14, 2013


Well we are done! We are actually packed and ready to leave the hotel. Once we got to the hospital we were told we could go home today! So heck ya we are outa here! 

The procedure went smooth! Worst part was the iv. I am not hurting hardly at all. Just a little twinge of pain every now and then. But I've had cramps way worse! So I am relieved! I was hoping to not be in pain all day. 

And for the results....... 5 good eggs!! We were happy! Of course I hoped for more, who wouldn't? Now for the weekend of torture! I pray, pray, pray we will get at the least 3 embryos. Again hoping for 5 but I'd say that never happens. 

Ryan said my first words were "eggs.....eggs....eggs". Dr. Silber was there and told us there were 5. Ryan said then I started saying embryos. Ha. I took me a few minutes to come to. I don't remember saying that but I do remember hearing 5. 

Anyway I want to thank you all for your prayers! Please pray for good news Monday! I love you all!