Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today's results

I have 6 measurable on the right now (one more than yesterday) and still 7 on the left. My coordinator still says I am doing really good. I will monitor again in the morning. She said I would probably take my trigger shot tmrw and be ready for retrieval on Friday. 

So my eggs have a few more days to grow! 

We really are enjoying ourselves!  We have been lounging by the pool, saw a movie, did a little shopping. Now we are on our way to my friend Aubrey's house to visit with her and her little boy, Nate! I am excited, I haven't seen her in a while. 

I'm still not nervous yet. I know I probably will be in the next day or two. But like I said the only thing to be nervous about is how many good eggs we can get and how many grow into our future babies! 

I have been having crazy dreams and night sweats from the medicine but other than that I feel fine! Thanks for reading and praying!