Friday, June 7, 2013


My results were good. I had one measurable follicle on the right that was 1.0 cm. (Measurable is anything above 1 cm.) And there were 6 others that were less than 1 cm. I had one measurable on the left at 1.4 cm. And 12 that were less than 1 cm! Yay! Hopefully some of those smaller ones will catch up by Monday! 

She also gave me my hormone levels:

Estradiol 174
LH 10.5
FSH 11.6
Progesterone 0.8 

I need to do some research on just what all this means. She said they were all within normal range. So I am happy! The only thing is she said they wanted to test these again on Sunday. Since they weren't able to get blood at my local hospital on Monday, they had nothing to compare these results to. So we are going back up one day earlier than we planned but that's ok. 

We are both so excited at this point! We feel so blessed at this point in the journey! I will post again on Sunday.