Monday, June 17, 2013

The Best Day of My Life!

Just a quick post because I am too emotional to write too much. 

Joan called and said out of the 5 eggs, 4 were mature enough to fertilize. She said that all 4 fertilize and froze! I could not believe my ears! She said "you know you had one of those cycle that doesn't happen very often." She was so happy for us. I asked how many cells they were and she said 3 were 8 celled and 1 was 7 celled but that it looked really good! 

Thank you God! You have been so good to me! Thank you friends and family who sent up countless prayers! 

She asked what we wanted to do next, another retrieval or a transfer. She said that I just needed to call her when we decided. I will have to think long and hard. 

But right now we are gonna go eat some pizza to celebrate! Celebrating that we now have 4 babies!!